Nikkormat FT3

The Nikkormat (ot Nikomat) was Nikons prosumer 35mm single lens reflex. It was a great success as it was able to use Nikon System lenses (i.e. the same lenses as used on the Nikon F series cameras. The Nikkormat FT3 was the last of the Nikkormat (or Nikomat) series of cameras that started in 1965 with the Nikomat FS. Nikkormat and Nikomat are the same cameras but were sold under different names depending on the market. Nikkormat’s were often used as a test bed for improvements which would eventually be transferred to the professional Nikon F series. Similar in body style to the Nikon F, these were heavy, well made cameras. The FT3 was the only Nikkormat to accept the AI (Automatic Indexing) Nikkor lenses. The Nikkormat has thru the lens metering but otherwise is a completely manual camera capable of operation without a battery.
Shown with the first Nikon 6X zoom (50 - 300 mm) lens.

  • Nikkormat FT3 1977 - 1979 - Nikon, Tokyo, Japan
  • Copal Square Shutter, B, 1.0 to 1/1000 second
  • Nikkor 50-300mm Zoom, f/4.5
  • 35mm