Rollei 35T

When the Rollei 35 was first introduced in 1966, it was the world’s smallest mass produced full frame 35 mm camera. High quality all metal construction and high quality optics led to its great success. The lens collapses and recedes into the body. Front mounted f-stop and shutter speed controls are linked to a “match needle” metering system. In order to make use of all available space the hot shoe flash mount is positioned on the bottom of the camera.

Other oddities included a left hand film advance and a completely removable back for film loading. Various models have been produced with the SE model being the most advanced. Originally made in Germany, some production was done in Singapore prior to the company going bankrupt. One later model a Rollei 35 Classic was produced by Samsung in Korea.

    • Camera shown was made in 1978
    • Rollei, Singapore
    • Tessar, 35mm - f/3.5
    • Leaf B, 1.2 - 1/50 second
    • 35mm