Canon AE-1 Program

The AE-1 Program was introduced 5 years after the AE-1and was the first camera produced with a microprocessor. The Program model offered fully automatic exposure control by selecting both the optimum aperture and shutter speed depending on the lens mounted and the available lighting conditions. Complete manual control of exposure settings are also available (but not with the battery removed). Software controlled cameras are now the norm and produce accurate results more quickly. The bonus for camera manufacturers is that fewer mechanical parts are required in this type of camera. The computing power of the AE-1 exceeded that of the lunar lander.

  • 1981
    • Canon Inc., Japan
    • Clothfocal plane shutter, program and autoexposure modes
    • Manual, B, 2.0 to 1/1000 second
    • Accepts Motor Drive MA from the pro Canon A-1
    • Canon FD Lens, 50MM - f/1.8