NikonĀ FA

The Nikon FA was the most advanced auto/manual Nikon ever made. The first camera ever to have matrix metering (the exposure meter reads several areas of the scene and computer software selects the correct aperture and shutter speed). This was also the first Nikon with programmed exposure control. Nikon also incorporated a small notch in the lens mounting flange to send a signal to the system indicating the speed of the lens. The metering system could also be switched to center weighted as well as AE priority, shutter priority auto exposure and manual. The camera is shown here mounted with Nikon PB-5 Bellows and a 55 mm Micro lens. This combination allows for extreme close-up photography, ideal for scientific and nature photos.

  • Nikon, Tokyo, Japan
  • Titanium focal plane. B, 1.0 to 1/4000 second
  • Optional MD-15 or MD-12 Motor Drive