Pentax PZ-10

The "naked" PZ-10 shows the level of electronic sophistication used in modern SLR cameras. The flexible copper foil circuit board literally wraps around the camera. The electronic components are miniaturized and use surface mounted technology (components are soldered directly to the circuit board as opposed to using sockets or long leads). The PZ-10 is an autofocus model. Two small electric motors are mounted in the body - one for film advance and rewind and the other for focusing an autofocus lens, although most modern autofucus lenses have the focusing motor built into the lens itself.

In addition to the advanced hardware and electronic components, the camera employs software which is integrated into the large microprocessors (the 2 black squares to the right of the lens mount). The software controls all of the functions of the camera and a digital readout mounted on top acts as a small computer screen.

  • Pentax, Japan
  • Electronic focal plane
  • 35 mm