Canon ELPH

The Elph ( Ixus in some markets) was the best selling ultracompact APS camera. APS stand for Advanced Photo System. A collaborative effort by Canon, Fugi, Kodak, Nikon and Minolta the APS system that used a special drop in film cartridge. The film had a magnetic strip that recorded information along with the actual photographic exposure. For instance, the user could choose 1 of 3 formats and indicate how may prints were required as the exposure was made. This information was read by automated photofinishing equipment and produced the required result. In addition, the negatives were returned protected in the original cassette along with a sheet of thumbnail images. Since the APS system used a smaller film size, cameras are extremely compact with the trade of being lower image quality. The ELPH Limited Edition in gold trim with fitted presentation case was produced to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Canon Inc.

    • circa 1997 - Canon Inc. - Tokyo, Japan
    • Canon Zoom Lens, 28-48mm, f/4.5 - 6.2
    • Electronic exposure control
    • APS film
    • Camera courtesy of Keith Vienot