Fuji Endeavour 2500 IX MRC

The Fugi Endeavor adds several other features which are a part of the APS system design. They include MRC (mid roll film change) which permitted changing to a faster film or print to slides mid way through a roll. Once removed the camera remembers the roll serial number and when reinserted advances to the next unexposed frame automatically. The multifunction card acts as a lens cover during storage. In operation it is an elaborate data back which can record formats used, date, number of prints and one of several inscriptions, all of which was encoded on the film to be automatically transferred to the processing unit at the photofinishers.

APS stand for Advanced Photo System. A collaborative effort by Canon, Fugi, Kodak, Nikon and Minolta the APS system uses a special drop in film cartridge. The film has a magnetic strip which records information along with the actual photographic exposure. For instance, the user can photograph in a choice of 3 formats and indicate how may prints are required as the exposure is made. This information is read by automated photofinishing equipment and produces the required result. In addition, the negatives are returned protected in the original cassette along with a sheet of thumbnail images.

  • 1998 - Fuji, Japan
  • Super-EBC Fujinon Zoom 21-58 mm
  • Full auto exposure control
  • APS Film