Kodak DC 210 Plus

As the largest maker of film, Kodak has been challenged with the advent of the digital camera.. (Sony introduced the Mavica digital still video camera in 1982). Not since the introduction of roll film has there been a greater impact on photography. Able to generate photographs without film, digital cameras are seen as the photographic medium of the future. The electronic images are made up by small picture elements called pixels. Photos can be seen immediately and sent directly to a printer or loaded into a computer and manipulated with specialized software. Digital cameras are being embraced by journalists, commercial photographers and amateurs alike. Many cameras now produce images that rival film. 1999 saw the arrival of mega pixel digital cameras (more than 1 million pixels in the image). Unlike film based photography, the technology associated with digital imaging is changing at a very rapid pace which in turn is producing concerns about the ability of individuals to later view photos taken with digital cameras.

It is interesting to note that film based cameras were made available to the masses at the very beginning of the 20th century and 100 years later, digital cameras were made available to the masses.

  • 1999 - Kodak Japan
  • 1.2 Mega Pixel CCD Still Video Camera
  • Removable electronic image storage cartridge