• Winchester, a Norwegian Forest Cat

  • Nixvue was one of the first portable storage devices for digital images. They have since gone out of business and it is very difficult to find manuals and firmware on Nixvue products. The links below will assist those looking for Nixvue files. All Cameras are offered as is, without support. Use of firmware upgrades are at your own risk. Other sites listed also provide information on Nixvue and were current as of May 2010. Note: addresses may change!

  • Nixvue Firmware Upgrade Instructions
  • Nixvue Vista Firmware upgrage instructions (from Nixvue Vista Manual). Note: firmware upgrade instructions for DA2 are different, please refer to the DA2 manual below.

  • Nixvue Firmware Upgrade Version 4.07.01
  • Nixvue Vista Firmware upgrade Version 4.07.01
    Upgrades a Nixvue Vista from Version 2. Use this firmware and the upgrade instructions listed above.Enabled the viewing of raw files taken with a Canon Digital Rebel (300D).

  • Nixvue DA2/lite Manual
  • Nixvue DA2/lite Manual - Manual for Digital Album 2 and Nixvue lite

  • Nixvue DA2 Firmware V1.05.00
  • Nixvue Digital Album 2 Firmware upgrade Version 1.05.00 upgrades a Nixvue Digital Album2 using this firmware and the upgrade instructions listed in the Digital Album 2 Users Manual

  • NixvueDA/lite Hard Drive Installation
  • Nixvue DALite_HDO Install - How to install a hard drive in Nixvue lite. Instructions should be ok for upgrade or replacement of hard disks in other Nixvue drives. If installing a new drive make sure that it is compatible and change at your own risk!

  • Original Nixvue Album User Manual
  • Nixvue Digital Album Manual - Original Nixvue product

  • DP Review of Nixvue Vista
  • Also includes operating instructions

  • View Camera Restroration
  • Download View Camera Restoration article by David Hoyt published in View Camera Magazine. The text and photos describe how to find and restore a view camera. An 8 x 10 Deardorff restoration was used as an example.

    >> Handmade Wooden Tripod

  • Canon 300D Service Manual Download
  • Service and parts manual for the Canon Digital Rebel/Digital Kiss/300D Digital. Includes circuit diagrams and software information. Note: This is a large file >11MB.

  • Canon Rebel/300D Repair (mirror)
  • Secondary mirror does not retract due to a broken plastic pin. Bottom half of image is black and autofocus does not work. The slide show details the repair.


Links useful in researching camera history and photograhy in general. The sites offer in depth information on specific items. Note: addresses may change!

>> Photography in Malaysia

Extremely rich Nikon resourse site - also includes items onCanon, Olympus, Leica, Hasselbald and Rollei.

>> photo.net

Gateway to a ton of Cameras

>> Unblinking Eye

Great site for info on vintage alternate photographic printing processes.

>> Cameraquest.com

Extremely detailed information on classic cameras.

>> Graflex.org

Everything you wanted to know about Graflex Cameras.

>> Internet Directory of Camera Collectors

A moderated membership group of people with similar interests, namely collecting and using antique, classic and vintage cameras.

>> Eastmanhouse.org

A site dedicated to Kodak history

>> Film for Classics

A source for film and processing of obselete sizes of roll film.

>> Hasselblad History

The story behind Hasselblad cameras.

>> History of Kodak Cameras

Kodak pamplet detailing the names, dates and cost of consumer cameras from 1900 to 1999.