Seneca Competitor View

The Competitor View is a large format 5 x 7 view camera used by professional photographers.
Made from mahogany with nickel plated hardware, it incorporated many professional features. In addition to being a folding field camera with rack and pinion focusing, the camera has front lens rise, fall and shift left and right. The rear standard has tilt and swing. These movements allowed the photographer to make perspective corrections as well as having a better control of the depth of field. The ground glass back was “reversible” meaning that it could be turned 90 degrees to allow for either portrait or landscape mode. Wooden film holders or wooden film pack holders were used to hold the film

Although the 5 x 7 format has little support today , many fine art photographers still consider the proportions of 5 x 7 inches "ideal" and continue to use the old cameras sometimes having to cut larger sheet film to fit. The shutter/lens combination, mounted on a removable lens board, was made by Wollensak - another Rochester company started by employees of the Bausch & Lomb Optical Co.

*The Seneca Camera Mfg. Co. (inc. 1900), located in Rochester, was an independent that grew from the acquisition of the Sunart Photo Company. The company was very successful and in 1924 was sold to Conley, a subsidiary of Sears-Roebuck.
*source - "The Rochester Camera and Lens Companies" - R. Kingslake

    • circa 1920 Seneca Camera Mfg. Co., Rochester, New York
    • Wollensak Gammax No. 2 Lens & Shutter
    • T, B, 1/10 to 1/100 sec
    • Cut film holders 5x7 inch format
    • Ivory camera name plate