Pocket Seneca No. 30

Wood frame construction with leather covering, the camera utilized a viewfinder as well as ground glass for focusing (accessed by a hinged door on back). Although called a "pocket" camera it is large in size (7"H x 4½"W x 2"D). This was considered small in relation to the large professional view cameras in use at the time. Wooden film holders held 2 sheets of film although the camera also accepted film packs of up to 12 sheets of paper interleaved film by use of a Premo Film Pack Adapter. See the page on the  Seneca Competition View Camera for more on the Seneca Camera company.

  • circa 1920 - Seneca Camera Manufacturing Company, Rochester, New York
  • Wollensak Seneca Uno
  • T, B and I
  • Cut film holders 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 inch format
  • Ivory focusing scale and camera name plate