Kodak Bantam Special

The Kodak Bantam Special is not only a wonderful piece of Art Deco design but a well made solid camera with excellent optics and a coupled rangefinder. Designed by Walter Teague in 1936 it was made in two versions. The first incorporated a Compur Rapid shutter from Germany followed in 1941 by an American made Supermatic shutter. Production of the former was approximately 18,000 and the later model was limited to about 8000, making this one of rarest of Kodak cameras.

The machined diecast aluminum body was coated with a high quality black laquer finish. At a selling price of more than four times the average camera price of the day, Kodak targeted fashionable and affluent buyers. The original cost of the Bantam Special was $87.50. This would be very close to $1,350 in 2010 dollars.

    • 1936 - 1948 Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, New York
    • Kodak Anastigmat uncoated lens - 45mm, f/2.0
    • Compur Rapi - T, B, 1.0 to 1/500 second
    • 82-28 x 40 mm paper backed roll film - 8 exposures