Polaroid Land Camera Model 95

On February 21, 1947, Dr Edwin Land introduced the world’s first successful instant camera. Production started in 1948 and the success of instant photography is still being enjoyed today. The first Polariod cameras used roll film. A roll of negative film was loaded and threaded through rollers where it was joined with the actual print paper by a leader. The print paper had small packets of developer placed between frames. Once the exposure was made the leader was pulled which advanced the negative and printing paper together between spring loaded rollers which burst the developing agent evenly coating the negative and print paper and processing was started. After a minute, the positive image was complete and a door at the back of the camera was opened and the final 3 ¼ x 4 ¼ in. print peeled off from the negative.

Over the years Polaroid has provided photography with many innovations including a camera that focused using a sonar type ultrasound mechanism.
Polaroid photography was widely used by amateurs but more important applications were found in science, police work and proofing by professional photographers. The largest Polaroid film available was 16 x 20 inches and the handful of large format view cameras supporting this size and are mainly used to produce fine art images. The smallest Polariod print was produced by the i- Zone camera which became on of the best selling cameras in the world in 1999.

Polaroid stood alone as the world leader in this field. They were challenged briefly by Kodak in 1952 (see Kodak EK4 instant camera)and then buy Fugi. Polaroid has gone through many changes and challenges with the advent of the easy to use digital camera. In February 2008, Polaroid announced that it is discontinuing production of its instant film and will close its factories in the United States, Mexico and the Netherlands. In 2010 a Polaroid licensed camera called the Polaroid 300 was introduced. The ability to have instant hard copy snapshots still has an intrest.

    • Model 95 ~ 1948 - 1953
    • Polaroid Corporation
    • 135mm f/1.0
    • Integrated shutter I, B
    • Type 40 roll film
    • Original price was approximately $90.00