Exakta Varex IIa

The Exakta is regarded as the first single reflex camera. Exakta model A & B appeared in 1933 and used 127 film. Easily recognized by their unique shape, film winder mounted on the left, and very robust body structure. There is no instant return mirror and the lens f -stop has to be set manually before the exposure (called "preset").

The 35 mm system had a wide range of accessories and selection of lenses. Some of the best lenses were made by P. Angenieux in Paris and are highly regarded by users and collectors alike.

  • Circa 1952 shown
    • Ihagee - Dresden, Germany
    • Exaktar 50mm - f/1.2 preset
    • Focal Plane cloth shutter. B, T, 12.0 to 1/1000 second
    • 35mm film
    • The IIa is marked "Germany USSR Occupied"