David White Stereo Realist

Designed by Seton Rochwite, a young engineer at the David White Company of Milwaukee, Wisconsin (manufacturers of optical instruments). The camera was an instant success and sold over a quarter of a million units in its 25 year lifespan. The camera incorporated dual lenses and shutters for recording the image on slide film. The centre lens was used as a viewfinder. When the shutter was fired, two images were exposed simultaneously, slightly off center from one another. When mounted and placed in the viewer (shown right) the images produced a real life stereoscopic (3D) scene (similar to a Viewmaster). The Model 1041 (c. 1958), shown above, had f/3.5 lenses and the sister model, the ST-1042 had fast f/2.8 lenses.

  • The Model 1041 (c. 1958)
    • David White Company, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    • Dual David White Anastigmat 35mm - f/3.5 lenses
    • T, B, 1.0 - 1/150 second
    • 35mm transparency (color slide) film