Balda Super Baldina

The Baldina represents a very typical 35mm consumer rangefinder camera from the 1950’s. It was fairly compact and made from die-cast aluminum with stamped metal covers and had a reasonably good 50mm lens. A unique feature of the Baldina is its collapsible lens.

The Baldina is shown left with a collapsible flash accessory which was very popular prior to the introduction of the electronic flash. The unit used either a type AG-1, M2 or No.5 single use flashbulbs. The blue bulb shown here was a daylight bulb used for taking exposures indoors.

  • circa 1952
    • Balda-Werk Bunde, Germany
    • Baldanar 50mm - f/2.8
    • Pronto shutter - B, 1/125 - 1/200
    • 35mm film