Kiev 4 Type I

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  • The Kiev Rangefinder is virtually an exact copy of the Contax Rangefinders. They were made during a period of nearly 40 years between 1947 and 1987. Kiev cameras were manufactured and assembled in the Ukraine from tooling taken from the Zeiss Ikon facility in Dresden after WWII. The overall quality of the cameras was much lower than that of the Contax. The Kiev 4 was probably the most mass produced rangefinder ever. Over 1 million were made during a twenty year period. Other models included the Kiev included the 2, and 3 with the 4 with the 4M being the last. In 1963, a consignment of Kiev 4A’s without branding was sent to the US and were sold as Contax camera’s and are known as the "Kiev No Name" and are sought after by collectors.
  • Kiev 4 Type 1 circa 1968
  • Kiev Camera Works, U.S.S.R.
  • Jupiter-8m, 50mm f/2.0
  • Metal focal plane shutter, B, 1/2-1/1250 second
  • 35mm film