Minox B

The Minox is the classic subminiature camera with an 8mm x 11mm film format. The original prototype, the Ur-MINOX was invented by Walter Zapp in Latvia in 1936. There have been eight production versions up to and including the current MINOX CLX. Smaller than a cigar and weighing only a few ounces, the MINOX was the camera of choice in the field of espionage. The focusing dial is rated in inches and the various corresponding distances are marked off on the accessory chain. This enabled fast, accurate focusing for document copying. The MINOX B has a built in selenium exposure meter and selectable filters. The unit accepts a small film cartridge and is advanced by sliding the body in a push-pull motion.

    • Minox B 1958 - 1971
    • Minox, Wetzlar, Germany
    • Complan 15mm f/3.5
    • Metal focal plan. T, B, 1.0 - 1/1000 second
    • Cartridge load 8mm x 11mm format, 36 exposure
    • 1998 marked the 60th anniversary of MINOX